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Painting Supplies & Garden Tools in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Inman Square Hardware in Cambridge, Massachusetts, provides our customers with a wealth of hardware supplies and services such as painting supplies and garden tools.
Man Buying Paint Roller - Painting Supplies in Cambridge, MA
Paint Supplies
If you're looking to mix and match colors of paint, this is the place. We carry both interior and exterior paints in a variety of colors and brands, such as Minwax® and Royal®. Brushes, tape, rollers, drop cloths, and everything else you need for your painting projects is available so that you can complete them in a timely manner.
Rakes — Garden Tools  in Cambridge, MA
Garden Tools
Our garden department is fully stocked with equipment, tools, fencing, hoses, and more. You can come to us for rubber boots, lawn fertilizer, shovels, seeds, and anything else you need.
Equipment Rentals
Carpet cleaners, floor buffers, sanders, and more are available for rent. You don't have to break the bank or drive to the big-box retailers, we have all the equipment you need at a price you can afford.
Electrical & Plumbing
Our selection includes many items you require for plumbing and electrical projects. We have a large selection of supplies, and our specialists are also well trained to help you with any tips or advice.
Repairs & Cutting
Do you have a screen that needs repair? The trained technicians on our staff can help. We also repair windows, and provide cutting services for glass, window blinds, and keys.
Call us today, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to find out more about our equipment rentals, hardware supplies, and services.